We provide a wide range of customized solutions that enable entrepreneurs, businesses, non-profits, and not-for-profit organisations to communicate with their existing and potential clients. While broadcasting message to a broadcast list, you needn’t to worry about DND phone numbers. With WhatsApp, marketers can even contact those who are on that list. That means, creating a customer outreach without fearing message spam is now possible with WhatsApp
Please find below how our whatsapp marketing services works :
Text Message (1‎ credit) – No limit
Images/Infographics/PDF (1‎ credit) – 1 MB
Audio Files. (1 credit) – 2 MB
Video Files (1 credit) – 3 MB
Filter contacts for valid whatsapp accounts
11am to 7pm Whatsapp Service will work on weekdays
Delivery ratio will be 80% to 90% on whatsapp Number
If whatsapp pushed before 4 pm will be delivered same day if its pushed after 4 Pm will be delivered within next day

Our WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Services allows you to Send / Broadcast Bulk Messages through a Do it Yourself – user control panel / Dashboard So if you have the database you can shoot it yourself to the desired contacts